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What does our partnership offer?


Our offer includes a complete solution for setting up a Laser hair removal service for your clinic at a low and affordable investment. Our solution includes initial assessment of your premises, providing training for your staff, the laser machines, technical and maintenance support for the machine during the lifetime of our business contract, a laser protection advisor assessment, providing laser spare parts as required and also ongoing commercial support.

The Partnership Opportunity:

The Lumantics business model is built for people and companies who want to offer the latest Laser aesthetic services to their existing or new salon business at a low and affordable initial investment. We have put together a partnership model after carefully looking into the market needs, technology barriers and future business growth opportunity. We have invested much time in selecting the latest laser technology, understanding the local legal and commercial requirement. Our offer includes the following:-

  • Lumantics staffs has over 25 years of Technical expertise to provide to their clients.
  • Proven and successful business model
  • Specialised training and induction for clients and their staff
  • Operational and technical support to our partners
  • Speedy start-up and well-designed induction program.
  • Comprehensive on-going technical and operation support thought out the partnership period.
  • Sales and treatment process support
  • Low risk of commercial failure.

How we are different?

Our business model is not based on franchising or lease hire; we work as a partner with our clients in setting up the services, providing the Lumantics Laser machines, training our client’s staff, providing Laser protection services and replenishing the Laser parts when they require replacing. We offer the most cost effective, lucrative benefits, and a risk sharing model which is not provided by any other competitors in the market. We believe that our model is unique and offers an opportunity for the right entrepreneur to grow their business at unprecedented level of profit and satisfaction with a low initial investment cost.

Let’s join hands to cultivate this opportunity
to highest level!