Hair and Skin treatment: Intense Pulse Light (IPL)


  1. Acne treatment
  2. Freckle Treatment
  3. Vacular Lesions Treatments
  4. Hair Removing
  5. Discolouration


  1. FDA Approved and CE mark.
  2. Three heads with three wavelength ranges, Skin, Hair and Vascular treatment.
  3. 480nm – (Vascular).
  4. 530nm – (Skin rejuvenation & Skin tightening).
  5. 590nm – (Pigmentation).
  6. 640nm – (Hair Removal).
  7. Smart and Unique headpiece design
  8. Excellent cooling technology.

Product Specifications:

Operational ModeContinuous operation
WavelengthWave length of SR treatment Handpiece: 560nm - 1200nm
Wave length of HR treatment Handpiece: 690nm - 1200nm
Maximum Fluence
HR treatment Handpiece: 45J/cm²±20%
SR treatment Handpiece: 40J/cm²±20%
Spot SizeSize of HR Aperture: 16mm x57mm, error range: ±0.1mm
Size of SR Aperture: 8mmx34mm, error range: ±0.1mm
3 Dimensions525mm x 490mm x 1080mm (L x W x H)
Net weight45kg
Note: The VR treatment hand piece is an option that can be ordered separately and shares the same hand piece connection with SR treatment handpiece. Basic treatment parameters for VR treatment is as followed:
Spot Size8mm x 34mm , error range:±0.1mm
Maximum Fluence