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Laser Treatment is one of the most diverse, effective and innovative ways to treat and rejuvenate a wide variety of skin conditions – including discolouration, pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage and acne scars – while also having the ability to remove unwanted hair permanently.

Lumantics manufactures markets and sells a range of aesthetic beauty machines.
Our machines are FDA approved and CE marked.

Lumantics Ltd is offering an innovative commercial partnership program to customers who are already involved-in or aspiring to open up a cosmetic clinic and/or beauty salon. We understand business dynamics and the current market demand for laser treatments and appreciate the pressure on clinics to offer the most competitive aesthetic services while
simultaneously benefitting from this profitable and growing market segment.

Our aim is to bring you the most advanced aesthetic treatments through a risk and benefit sharing partnership program, where we can work hand-in-hand with our partners to achieve and amplify the growth of their respective businesses.




Laser Skin Care Experts

Our latest cutting edge Laser diode bar technology offers a healthy beautiful youthful looking skin.

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